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FLAC - Rolling Stones live in New York 2002 - 2CD - September 30

  The Rolling Stones - So Glad To Be New York City - A Vinyl Gang Product [VGP 323]

Roseland Ballroom, New York City, NY


CD 5:

1. intro [00:24]

1. Start Me Up [04:14]

2. You Got Me Rocking [03:54]

3. All Down The Line [05:11]

4. Hand Of Fate [05:33]

5. Sweet Virginia [05:25]

6. She Smiled Sweetly [03:40]

7. Neighbours [04:37]

8. Neighbours [04:37]

8. Dance (Pt. 1) [06:44]

9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [06:03]

10. That's How Strong My Love Is [04:07]

11. Going to a Go-Go [03:47]

12. Ain't Too Proud to Beg [04:55]

13. Band intro [02:48]

CD 6:

1. You Don't Have To Mean It [05:27]

2. Before They Make Me Run [03:48]

3. Midnight Rambler [11:33]

4. Rock Me Baby [06:07]

5. Stray Cat Blues [05:00]

6. Can't You Hear Me Knocking? [11:25]

7. Honky Tonk Women [04:57]

8. Brown Sugar [06:53]

9. Jumping Jack Flash [06:34]

Bootleg comments:

Released: 2002. Origin: Japan.

Very Good Stereo Audience recording (Charlie)


CD5\Track01 Start Me Up.flac:bff7d84cee519d4a6d29a40df4368171






















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FLAC - Rolling Stones live in Seattle 1997 - 2CD - November 28

  Live at Kingdome, Seattle, WA, on 28th November, 1997

From Double Silver CD

Label VGP-179

Released: 1998

Origin: Japan

Good To very good Audience recording

Silver CD > EAC > Flac

Matrix: VGP-179-1/2 39063/4 <01/3>

CD 1:

1. intro [02:03]

2. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [05:06]

3. Let's Spend the Night Together [04:40]

4. Flip The Switch [04:23]

5. Gimme Shelter [06:54]

6. Sister Morphine [06:25]

7. Anybody Seen My Baby? [05:28]

8. Saint of Me [05:00]

9. Bitch [05:16]

10. Out of Control [08:30]

11. Respectable [03:27]

12. Miss You [08:55]

CD 2:

1. Band intro [03:53]

2. All About You [05:19]

3. You Don't Have To Mean It [08:03]

4. Little Queenie [04:26]

5. The Last Time [05:13]

6. Like A Rolling Stone [06:05]

7. Sympathy For The Devil [07:58]

8. Tumbling Dice [05:14]

9. Honky Tonk Women [04:54]

10. Start Me Up [04:34]

11. Jumping Jack Flash [07:02]

12. Brown Sugar [06:39]


e57f0901157d9a22eda699cbd59417d9 [shntool] CD1\01 Opening.flac

75bd22f257bba4778f69cf140663d46f [shntool] CD1\02 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.flac

f7a0c08495f08768f8752de32a62fdde [shntool] CD1\03 Let's Spend The Night Together.flac

cd3591c2a88f970edc24f8100f743a83 [shntool] CD1\04 Flip The Switch.flac

97f48db37706b1f2c64e226a1ba5413d [shntool] CD1\05 Gimme Shelter.flac

6ddab3fe697f9d9bbb7f145fe2023301 [shntool] CD1\06 Sister Morphine.flac

e4729e7a5f9fc5d85f7757760dbeda8c [shntool] CD1\07 Anybody Seen My Baby.flac

b117e0c36f92fdfcdde68cef23b14bc9 [shntool] CD1\08 Saint Of Me.flac

3e6a23e8cf245785f4ba19bccfa842b5 [shntool] CD1\09 Bitch.flac

8391d86da7e8ba81932a71db9bfb1b92 [shntool] CD1\10 Out Of Control.flac

d166b47c683bd1427838269a81cf9430 [shntool] CD1\11 Respectable.flac

a17838350ea64474b2991339eefb4e0e [shntool] CD1\12 Miss You.flac

9a10dff7fbd8297245e6bf2368248b8d [shntool] CD2\01 Band Introductions.flac

454779971193c38914b59429f0facb93 [shntool] CD2\02 All About You.flac

066cad48ed0800ab7ceaeb22d84d859b [shntool] CD2\03 You Don't Have To Mean It.flac

527a9dd0d6b26cab50f10bce47f0aa17 [shntool] CD2\04 Little Queenie.flac

8c251c52d69745fba85a0a414c9f1655 [shntool] CD2\05 The Last Time.flac

56e31dd2461fac7e2d5fc63ea151f2df [shntool] CD2\06 Like A Rolling Stone.flac

2212f2600adac867211e8138ba0e6174 [shntool] CD2\07 Sympathy For The Devil.flac

51a9893f054a3d6f29b76154ecedcd4e [shntool] CD2\08 Tumbling Dice.flac

57008dc6920521efec515420a4772941 [shntool] CD2\09 Honky Tonk Women.flac

3fe7fd2d5e8ca81cd918f97c6c847a3c [shntool] CD2\10 Start Me Up.flac

97efb05c40d75c2076b2fd0c51ff5fb3 [shntool] CD2\11 Jumping Jack Flash.flac

afdd41c96ada95c984d3f8d6591a40dd [shntool] CD2\12 Brown Sugar.flac


FLAC - Rolling Stones live in Brussels 1973 - 2CD - October 17 - soundboard - 2020 remaster

  I wanted to remaster this one for a long time. For the main source i have used Quad mix bootleg. But for the bonus i have also remastered older source transfered from tape by KRW CO from Joe Maloney tape of broadcast, so you have two sources remastered.Also, in the bonus folder you have version of Brown Sugar with sax solo, that i have inserted in the older version.

Remastered by Captain Acid, August 2020

Artwork by Mr. D

The Rolling Stones - L`Affaire De Bruxelles

October 17, 1973 (first show)

Soundboard (except track 6 - audience)

Track List:

01 KBFH intro

02 Brown Sugar

03 Gimme Shelter

04 Happy

05 Tumbling Dice

06 Starfucker (audience recording)

07 Dancing With Mr. D

08 Angie

09 You Can't Always Get What You Want

10 Midnight Rambler

11 Honky Tonk Women

12 All Down the Line

13 Rip This Joint

14 Jumping Jack Flash

15 Street Fighting Man


01 KBFH intro.flac:358696fe7743b5e03467d647fba96804

02 Brown Sugar.flac:b587cc29c05aebfc8eaaf654407aaf39

03 Gimme Shelter.flac:a3ab99ac9d165ad82a975f58a0759b0c

04 Happy.flac:5c84a25690a295613bd98e63ce682df9

05 Tumbling Dice.flac:56add25b28d8ad82383d51b84e3cc4ef

06 Starfucker.flac:090cd7021ce49ac2a4fb83498e808e5a

07 Dancing With Mr. D.flac:753efef725bec0d65939f17274ad5056

08 Angie.flac:9cfcbc4a988685a5c2c886440ab14d30

09 You Can't Always Get What You Want.flac:dc899afa330d01721c2c5e4d3cd96ce1

10 Midnight Rambler.flac:7e4f4b4fba844518ecaa5917d8a66230

11 Honky Tonk Women.flac:469cc17fecb1ff45974b2bce9b97ae2f

12 All Down the Line.flac:1b053bf3901dbe1fa738b988456b48fe

13 Rip This Joint.flac:05a0ccbdb1d7dc2b0e5217cfc1acd858

14 Jumping Jack Flash.flac:0636864b6c67e08a0c8b43ead8691b0b

15 Street Fighting Man.flac:4469ad330686abc2a6654d3195e9c4de

Download part 1 here

Download part 2 here


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DVD - Rolling Stones "Big Cocksucker Blues" - 2DVD


BIG Cocksucker Blues

2 DvD Set

Video: NTSC 720x480 @ 29.97 fps

Aspect Ratio: 4.3 Fullscreen

Interlaced: Yes - BFF

Constant Birate: 8000kbps

Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 5.1 Surround

48000 Hz @ 448kbps

MD5 Checksums Included - REMOVE BEFORE BURNING

Newly Transfered Print - Best Available

Interactive Menus/Song Selection

BONUS Material

Saville Theatre 1969

Australian Tour Documentary 1973


Brown Sugar Clip 1973

David Frost Show 1969

Interviews With Mick Jagger

Mick And Biancas Wedding

:Comment from Cover:

With all the versions of this floating around out there,we decided to put out the best possible version we could find

and here it is!

The video and the audio were re-mastered entirely along with all the bonus material making this THE definitive version.



Liberated by KoolKat Entertainment


DvD One:

10D6AAF7F997CC589055CE5590269B6E *VIDEO_TS.BUP

10D6AAF7F997CC589055CE5590269B6E *VIDEO_TS.IFO


BF594B11C8F6CFBA723AF5FB851CFC5A *VTS_01_0.BUP

BF594B11C8F6CFBA723AF5FB851CFC5A *VTS_01_0.IFO

A57761F112E174866F6DA2900A784540 *VTS_01_0.VOB

452F64CE4A54920FE9F1B8DFF827B9C5 *VTS_01_1.VOB

852D703A2C0CD035D1C042A0B77E607B *VTS_01_2.VOB

418832205086CF9AAB557BE991CCCA15 *VTS_01_3.VOB


7B346179E464EAC47EBF3F9DA876BC82 *VTS_01_5.VOB

DvD Two:

8E615B0B872828435D93F071C27E9C80 *VIDEO_TS.BUP

8E615B0B872828435D93F071C27E9C80 *VIDEO_TS.IFO

1D5910E0DB2A1D97F70F641822BDB9C3 *VIDEO_TS.VOB

4ADFADA7EE57577A8BF693DD54288761 *VTS_01_0.BUP

4ADFADA7EE57577A8BF693DD54288761 *VTS_01_0.IFO

B0061A010B60F7347D5EFF5463DE8C43 *VTS_01_0.VOB

CFC6923306E63161B4B25A44FF8F0C18 *VTS_01_1.VOB

088522DB0E0825BCB37B0E2A40ECE992 *VTS_02_0.BUP

088522DB0E0825BCB37B0E2A40ECE992 *VTS_02_0.IFO

50349BAA72888518ED10C99AA9C5025C *VTS_02_1.VOB

81843FB6A2EAF2D6AD485E9EEADBFB15 *VTS_02_2.VOB

C0ACFFBD66B1053AC4B0CE9E993DEC70 *VTS_03_0.BUP

C0ACFFBD66B1053AC4B0CE9E993DEC70 *VTS_03_0.IFO

8C2E8E56ACB83EFD8F5FC8102F4DAFA5 *VTS_03_0.VOB

918E67F08203510B926F5A2EFB6BFE58 *VTS_03_1.VOB

E5F727B9BD4F635C9DE4FED3A99FD13F *VTS_03_2.VOB

B11300C4E01283195DEDB4BDEC9C5A8F *VTS_04_0.BUP

B11300C4E01283195DEDB4BDEC9C5A8F *VTS_04_0.IFO

940DD64925F009D8EC7BEC334D87063D *VTS_04_1.VOB

FA174227B2D26A344E5DFAC049A28AF6 *VTS_05_0.BUP

FA174227B2D26A344E5DFAC049A28AF6 *VTS_05_0.IFO

FCB1009B0592DA29363564195A3178EB *VTS_05_1.VOB

8666FC0861939F6BAFAA3DF578396916 *VTS_06_0.BUP

8666FC0861939F6BAFAA3DF578396916 *VTS_06_0.IFO

BB38CE1F527066847D842398A60330CC *VTS_06_0.VOB

3701616ABD0D213C675C1425A5C3AA0D *VTS_06_1.VOB

B6AD0B44B475D1379CE1F5EB37D4B071 *VTS_07_0.BUP

B6AD0B44B475D1379CE1F5EB37D4B071 *VTS_07_0.IFO

459D6E9B96BB66FFD7212FBAB3F8D3E7 *VTS_07_1.VOB

Download part 1 here

Download part 2 here

Download part 3 here

Download part 4 here

Download part 5 here

Download part 6 here

Download part 7 here

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FLAC - Rolling Stones 'Sticky Beggars Bleed in Exile volume 2" - 2CD - 2020 remaster

This is Sticky Beggars Bleed In Exile Vol 2.
I have fixed Vol 1, so it inspired me to do another one, from the golden era of The Stones 1968-72.
I did phase, pitch and level correction. In the end i did EQ.

Remastered by Captain Acid
Artwork by Mr. D

July 2020

01 Gimme Shelter
02 No Expectations
03 Sway
04 Salt of The Earth
05 Symphathy For The Devil
06 JigSaw Puzzle
07 You Can`t Always Get What You Want
08 Thurd On The Run
09 Love In Vain
10 Bitch
11London Jam
12 Did Everybody Pay Their Dues
13 Say It`s Not You
14 Sweet Black Angel
15 Stray Cat Blues
16 I Don`t Know The Reason Why

01 Dead Flowers
02 Jumpin` Jack Flash
03 Loving Cup
04 I`m Yours I`m Hers
05 Blood Red Wine
06 Street Fighting Man
07 Who Am I
08 Soul Survivor
09 John`s Jam
10 Sweet Virginia
11 I Don`t Care
12 Ventilator Blues
13 Aladdin Story
14 Child Of The Moon
15 Let It Loose
16 Uptight + Satisfaction (w. Stevie Wonder)


101 Gimme Shelter.flac:fd0e05e8dbc21d87f088f2774368bd06
102 No Expectations.flac:b741a569744f0d17e8c912ea81dc4330
103 Sway.flac:aa31b92bb91018cad91a7844aee7dc88
104 Salt Of The Earth.flac:688e2e05cc31f7d0f2f0dc8a4d05f088
105 Sympathy For The Devil.flac:9daef3eb5e978243d5d46907b97daf74
106 Jig Saw Puzzle.flac:950d98813229335be1b10a356976b9d0
107 You Can't Always Get What You Want.flac:7e0024d3d04cff2860660db584749012
108 Turd On The Run.flac:5319b641983869c738941ff6b9a0844b
109 Love In Vain.flac:496496281285e272a867ccfa32f07d89
110 Bitch.flac:253c449e7bfbd792bfb8cb73e936ffc4
111 London Jam.flac:a9e58706d10e31673a404b78eb9bb91c
112 Did Everybody Pay Their Dues.flac:347b262df31fe7acf46cbe3ee4c7f885
113 Say It's Not You.flac:18447e696aecfacbef76a18ac9d9903e
114 Sweet Black Angel.flac:8d0c444b3b8ce94249d074d6053a5e29
115 Stray Cat Blues.flac:efd52284c58009117bbe658812d16e7b
116 I Don`t Know The Reason Why_longer version.flac:4545c6670bf8393b182f6cb928f60415
201 Dead Flowers.flac:f75f2c31e41e4d8f01a3059f99865803
202 Jumpin' Jack Flash.flac:884d1d29049e202a641fcd3ba55a678d
203 Loving Cup #01.flac:7abb1c58f44920b2a7dc2bc5cbc6e8a0
204 I'm Yours And I'm Hers.flac:6c698a4d3f45833b9181341291963491
205 Blood Red Wine.flac:95353656a610f28d90a98b474d3ca91e
206 Street Fighting Man.flac:32c0917fae7be413c15e1e5fed330864
207 Who Am I.flac:c4cbbe3b59b0dcd9a07bac141ab9dbf1
208 Soul Survivor.flac:1f38a6cf831f828a530c0bdf602493da
209 John's Jam.flac:dbd5c43bf2de9c7cdf6b35e930d0c23f
210 Sweet Virginia.flac:02c83e7dbf07a3023f7f91732bf63235
211 I Don't Care.flac:dc6c6f648c17962222bc615876b9ab98
212 Ventilator Blues.flac:a6c6caf124ae260d9df166d204f759f0
213 Aladdin Story.flac:30a96aae9bc69ce76efed7ee9f79230f
214 Child Of The Moon.flac:143fc65abeccb04ec73ba90d3cee6e6f
215 Let It Loose.flac:5d43748819212126b701a97535606420
216 Uptight + Satisfaction.flac:f2e6c19f85ee146c43cae5da9b661963

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - Rolling Stones 'Sticky Beggars Bleed in Exile volume 1" - 2CD - 2020 remaster

this is a brand new upgrade. This time i went to the best available (to me) source files. So it is a completely new remaster, made from different source files.
I have done phase, level and pitch correction. In the end i made a new EQ. Also have changed the version of "Wild Horses", on disc 1 (track 20), with another one."Exile On Main Street Blues" is now also from unedited, longer version.
Also, SBE were fixed with TLH.
After working on this upgrade i was inspired to make another double disc, from the golden era 1968 - 1972. So Vol. 2 will follow soon.

Remastered and compiled by Captain Acid, June 2020
Artwork by Mr. D

The Rolling Stones
Sticky Beggars Bleed In Exile
Studio outtakes 1968 - 1972
Captain Acid Remaster

Disc ONE

01-Tumbling Dice aka Good Time Woman
02-Stop Breaking Down
03-Two Trains
04-Highway Chile
05-Brown Sugar
06-Hamburger To Go
07-I Ain`t Lying
08-Tumbling Dice
09-Cocksucker Blues
10-Jiving Sister Fanny
11-Travellin` Man
12-Country Honk
13-Let It Rock
14-I`m Going Down
15-You Gotta Move
16-Memo From Turner
17-I Don`t Know Why
19-I Got The Blues
20-Wild Horses 01

Disc TWO

02-Downtown Lucie
03-Sister Morphine 01
04-Leather Jacket
05-Brown Sugar 02
06-Parachute Woman
07-Potted Shrimp
08-Dear Doctor #4
09-I`m A Country Boy
10-Little Queenie
11-Dancing In The Light
13-Prodigal Son
14-Shake Your Hips
15-Trident Jam
16-Factory Girl
17-(Can`t Seem To) Get A Line On You
18-Wild Horses 03
19-I Don`t Know The Reason Why_edit
20-Exile On Main Street Blues


01 Tumbling Dice aka Good Time Woman-fixed.flac:9a01e1f05cadc4c3c484a19977a33d3b
02 Stop Breaking Down-fixed.flac:7de2876106693bc09dc8747f7bf8c98f
03 Two Trains-fixed.flac:477951487d67c5b4ac99a28f597d8e12
04 Highway Chile-fixed.flac:1e1f5376207219916eabea4ce063d23d
05 Brown Sugar-fixed.flac:e8226df5788f8900358c376f19e929c9
06 Hamburger To Go or Stuck Out All Alone-fixed.flac:7423b117f5ed17f697e52843aa0f91dd
07 I Ain't Lying-fixed.flac:e483159e90fb0f88c8873f3bf1c83edb
08 Tumbling Dice-fixed.flac:62cf9aa2072fae93c3ac3c050032af9f
09 Cocksucker Blues-fixed.flac:3ab12ff7cb32e596d9b495e2565806e5
10 Jiving Sister Fanny-fixed.flac:a96470d7ab1a7f89abd5664d73558351
11 Travellin` Man-fixed.flac:760af7bc4b6e06f13e9b383b5cbcbe4f
12 Country Honk ( no fiddle mix )-fixed.flac:77caac2f9b6b5f86bbe678b941e9a5b8
13 Let It Rock-fixed.flac:ec1db519a868b1e0ca531aec80cccc2e
14 I`m Going Down-fixed.flac:660b8c01f711baacae0d05085c474d4a
15 You Gotta Move-fixed.flac:3a67cf8d6fb8edf1a0d05739cf38a1a3
16 Memo From Turner_different vocal-fixed.flac:64a304ba7f0773a6c6c0d491f4d56c58
17 I Don`t Know Why-fixed.flac:70933fa7993263218006d404ca9c29cc
18 Carol-fixed.flac:136741b8080662a558d0609fc8b5139a
19 I Got The Blues-fixed.flac:459b4dc4a5dad82f81a816e0f2961623
20 Wild Horses 01-fixed.flac:d1025a459b3d6538762761ec7652a1df

01 Family-fixed.flac:377b13fe7247e4b2f7619d343da4e0c5
02 Downtown Lucie-fixed.flac:3646238dc19572b64a6ff7eb2a930849
03 Sister Morphine 01-fixed.flac:ef0b391c31539f3e4ec6b26ea4b3f799
04 Leather Jacket-fixed.flac:9869f36531193596caca740051c6bf08
05 Brown Sugar 02-fixed.flac:578c18766b21d88a54a4b0fb3c5a840c
06 Parachute Woman-fixed.flac:ce79e53f2d4b7c9de0dcb198fb230684
07 Potted Shrimp-fixed.flac:32056c1c355099db02a93f7f3af5e5b6
08 Dear Doctor #4-fixed.flac:c8b14692896a1ff7edfe4790c4042108
09 I`m A Country Boy-fixed.flac:7c9645ff14e1adcade4a26edac20db9d
10 Little Queenie-fixed.flac:71f6943ee2f297fad4d97ede80ba0a44
11 Dancing In The Light-fixed.flac:63ddbf311b928331c0952ecc0e42772e
12 You Got The Silver-fixed.flac:26d9071c2629408f6aaaa6e3e50b9ba3
13 Prodigal Son-fixed.flac:b4fb4454fe5422a9c87e028775ef6c2f
14 Shake Your Hips-fixed.flac:a4dcdbeb85967fc986b059c7a43dfea9
15 Trident Jam-fixed.flac:00cb3af543b673fb59b36f536b0fe392
16 Factory Girl-fixed.flac:05222d93265631436e227add020b3521
17 (Can't Seem To) Get A Line On You-fixed.flac:87804911ad3dd29c85e6f93e809ceb3e
18 Wild Horses 03-fixed.flac:4de74600ab823c9cd00b28da1ecdfee2
19 I Don`t Know The Reason Why_shorter edit-fixed.flac:d8e64af2e1e3dd8713d169a31a2a8c16
20 Exile On Main Street Blues-fixed.flac:9e688826dbd047d843d5e11f8215fbbf

Download this bootleg here

FLAC - Rolling Stones "I Gave You Diamonds, You Give Me Disease" - 1CD - The Exile outtakes

The Rolling Stones

I Gave You Diamonds, You Give Me Disease (new bootleg release 2008)
~ The Exile Outtakes ~

excellent sound

uploaded by hkdave on tapecity, many thanks.

CDR -> EAC (secure mode, offsets corrected) -> WAV --> FLAC 1.1.3 (level 6) -> FLAC

01. Exile On Main St. Blues
02. Get A Line On You
03. Good Time Women
04. Shake Your Hips
05. Hillside Blues
06. Sweet Virginia
07. Bent Green Needles
08. Loving Cup
09. Ventilator Blues
10. I Ain't Signifying
11. Let It Loose
12. All Down The Line
13. Travelin' Man
14. Stop Breaking Down
15. Shine A Light
16. I'm Going Down


"All of these songs, I've had in a bunch of other releases. Some very, very good, others really hissy and unlistenable for my ears...
BUT!!! Now, in excellent quality... no hiss at all on the Get a Line and Good Time Women... Cool cool hand has done just enough to the mastering w/o going overboard. Good Time Women goes right into Shake Your Hips... again no tape would think this was an official release almost, what a blend of two outtake songs...
Hillside Blues clocks in at 11:15 the best quality I've yet to hear of this jam. Again no hiss, and yet somehow ou can hear all the players, I've never heard a version before w/o tape hiss, and never heard this longer version before... A winner twice!!!
Sweet Virginia, another song I've never heard so clearly before on any Exile outtake CD before... This is truly like hearing an alternate take, it is so clear, if you didn't know, you'd think this was an officially released version of a song. Definitely a different mix, the bass is deeper, piano more upfront, Jaggers vocals are dry, and seem like a run through w/o any overdubs. Great version of a great song.
Bent Green Needles. I've heard this non vocal early version of Sweet Black angel before. And it was cool once, it was always so hissy, it didn't need to be heard again. Well now, no hiss. I can play this a bunch, and even go kareoke if I want too, not that I will...
Lovin' Cup... Good I love this song. This version is common... But since everything up til now has been superb quality, am I not hearing possibly the best outtake version of this, ever? I probably am... whata beautiful buzzzzz. Gimme Lil Drink! I beleive this version was recorded back in 1968... And is definitely up there as one of my favorite Stones songs. The Exile version is superb, probably Jaggers best vocal moments. This version is looser, but still has the passion, and ends with Jagger demanding that drink, to get drunk... AWESOME!!! This version also goes under the working title of Gimme A Lil' Drink.
Ventilator Blues I don't think i've heard this version before... If I did, it was on a release that was so hissy and crappy, I passed it over and forgot it. This is a very raw, just jammin' it in the studio version. Probably one of the earlies version, while the song was being worked... oh... no hiss, and despite how rough it is, it's not rough to listen to, in fact it's so clear, you might think you're in Keith's Nellcote basement and it is 1972. The only down side, is when Jagger does the vocals, his mic is really hot, and the vocals are up, but it isn't as bad as it may sound, and after the first verse or so it levels out. My first real complaint, and You need to know, it is minor... I wouldn't send this dish back to the kitchen... no way!
I Ain't Signifying. Heard other versions, and the hiss killed it, so it was just a song, I was like the jammed out some blues... Now, with no hiss. It's listenable, for repeated enjoyment. I'll even learn all the lyrics and beats and sing along now!
did I mention yet, that any Exile fans must have this album... NOW!
It's on the Rocks Off Tracker...
Let It Loose........ Do you love this song... Ever get really into it coming down off coke or wasted drunk at 3 AM? This early version, you even feel that more... Oh yea. Probably b/c that's what was going on at the time they recorded this nice little demo. Oh, and no vocals, you still feel it... how that for a cool little jam.
All Down The Line... the acoustic version. This version is pretty much like the others I've heard... not much more can be done to bring up the instruments or reduce anymore hiss... Great early version... My favorite is the 7 inch 45 rpm single version. This one is cool, different lyrics, like Good time women, you can hear how a song develops with this band.
Travelin' Man, best version ever. A great jam. If you've heard this on other bootlegs, you'll love this version. Much cleaner... Still fades in, b/c that's how the source has always been. I love the keyboards on this song...
Stop Breaking Down... maybe the lowest quality from the sourcce tapes on this release. I've heard a few others outtake versions of this... Not bad, by any means, just a cool early version of this song.
Shine A Light... Where Get A Line OnYou differs. This is ore like The Exile version. Been bootlegged a bunch...
I'm Going Down, I love this song so much. One of my most fav. non lp Stones songs. Found officially on Matamorphisis. you can feel The Exile in it. I'm not sure when this version is dated from. Really sounds alot like the official version, and not like the other versions I've heard before on bootlegs. Just an Alt. mix I guess...."


01 - Exile On Main St. Blues.flac:4fb656c56f1c495198d9a26806771702
02 - Get A Line On You.flac:7b80d59329d9e63b11f4f000b6326ae6
03 - Good Time Women.flac:899f92a9c4f7801dec00e743a3b084e2
04 - Shake Your Hips.flac:c7b7d80dec8347bd9882827ee1eb1c0e
05 - Hillside Blues.flac:d31ba763af66efdd906879db34d3ae5f
06 - Sweet Virginia.flac:0d14695bed67eabbc366d644a691dcbf
07 - Bent Green Needles.flac:7f2a58cfc09deb0af676ad28c34f74e9
08 - Loving Cup.flac:c4951ed7d64e003799cb2e8ffec7659c
09 - Ventilator Blues.flac:576d1180bcfe43e79a241b4a93618e9e
10 - I Ain't Signifying.flac:6dfb1c03616c2564b50b258716a4fcff
11 - Let It Loose.flac:d64df970e5cbbd0dc8002b816de1fbe1
12 - All Down The Line.flac:5f149769cde49eb9af9fd2af59c8a35a
13 - Travelin' Man.flac:7a26a2f7c990f1ada5ff8b32eb766724
14 - Stop Breaking Down.flac:ab7d4a33bd4865827318549efd74d0d1
15 - Shine A Light.flac:d559dcef938951957eda9a4d1ddca1ef
16 - I'm Going Down .flac:b8aadcc2133ee6341792d32b37a5574b

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